Cry in the Dark – compassion in action!

Cry in the Dark Compassion in Action

Cry in the Dark
Compassion in Action

Glad to announce here, through this medium, that I am a new volunteer for Cry in the Dark. One of my very dear friends in the UK has been doing wonderful work for and not only, the city where I grew up, for over 25 years! He’s been an inspiration always.

Cry in the Dark is organizing a cycling tour event through California in 2015. Very exciting! I’ll write more about it.

For now, this is the introduction of Cry in the Dark – borrowed straight from their site (Steve Cooper – CEO, you do not mind, do you? 🙂

What is Cry in the Dark?

In 1998, Steve Cooper and three friends heard about children living in dire circumstances at Dofteana orphanage in Bacau, Northeast Romania and went to see how they could help. They found 26 children in appalling conditions, suffering from malnutrition and neglect. Most had serious illnesses or disabilities. Their plight moved Steve’s compassion into action and Cry in the Dark was born.

Romanian local authorities re-located the children to a hospital, but conditions there were worse. So Cry in the Dark worked hard to urgently raise funds, build a home and find staff. Two years later 24 children moved to Casa Lumina (House of Light) – their new home-for-life.

But the story doesn’t end there.

When one life changes for the better, so can entire communities…

… with Christian love and compassion to bring hope to children and their families in isolated communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to put Christian love and compassion into action by reaching out to children and young people of any race, creed or faith who are marginalised by poverty, sickness or disability.

Check out the new and improved website! It’s a wonderful cause! Spread the word, share and support them if you can.


Random acts of kindness, give more!

Don't shrink your dreams! Come In! Come In!


I’m not sure how many blogs there are out there about charity, they might run in the thousands – and I hope they do as many charities do such wonderful work.

Here is another blog about charity – mine!

It’s about giving, it’s about random acts of kindness.

Giving to those in need. To women and men. To children, teenagers, young adults, moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.

There is so much wealth in this world and yet there is so much poverty. Sometimes it almost doesn’t make sense.

So, I prefer not to think about the how’s and the why’s of world’s big problems at this moment.

But I do feel I want to contribute, in a small way that’s limited to my own abilities.

Let’s give more to those in need. Their burden is a heavy one and is not ours.

Let’s appreciate what we have and share some…

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